Monday, April 16, 2012

74. Moustache cookie cutters

74. Moustache cookie cutters

I realize that people sell moustache-shaped cookie cutters, but I wanted some that weren't so.... well, cookie-cutter. 
I've been thinking about this for a while. I read tutorials about making custom cookie cutters from hardware-store sheet metal. I happen to have some of that on hand, but who knows if it's food safe?
I looked for cheap cookie cutters to turn into moustaches, but those are all coated in some shiny, glossy, colorful stuff - and who knows if that's actually food safe, especially after being bent, pliered, twisted, and cajoled into moustacheness. 
I finally found some ordinary metal cookie cutters. I used a tulip and a bell to make these:

 ... and a circle to make this one:

It's surprisingly hard to find a circular cookie cutter these days. I tried not to work too hard against the original shape, so the flower and bell still look a little flowery and bellish to me.
I'm looking forward to using them -- results to follow!

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